Choosing your wedding dress

Many girls dream of the dress they will wear when they marry their Prince Charmings, however I can hold my hand up and say I was not one of those girls...and instead I thought my wedding dress experience would go much along the lines of Carrie Bradshaw's Vogue shoot!

I spoke to brides to find out advice to give new brides about shopping for your special, perfect dress. Here are 10 fantastic pieces of advice to help you on this part of your wedding planning journey.

Alternative Disney Shoot

2. Recommendations - Ask around your friends who are recently married where they shopped for their dresses, who made their experience special and if any were uncomfortable. Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool and who else can you trust if not your friends?

3. Don't wear make up - Simply put, you wouldn't like to risk smearing lipstick, foundation or eyeliner all over a wedding dress you are trying on!

4. Wear your hair up - or perhaps take a hair elastic which will allow you to picture your hair on the day, with veil, without veil, and which neckline suits you the most.

Viking inspiration shoot

1. Photos - Take images of dresses you like, of dresses you don't like, ones you like parts of, ones of you in dresses, of dresses you wouldn't in a million years think that you would wear and scrutinise them. Photos will be invaluable for you when you are looking for your dress because cameras will show you the whole picture however photos of you in the dress will show parts of you that you can't actually see.

Game of Thrones shoot

5. Try on dresses you wouldn't imagine wearing - This might sound counter productive but you would be very surprised. Recently in a bridal store I was specifically looking for a tea length dress as the bride was 100% convinced that was the only style of dress she could imagine getting married....however she left with a much different dress. Below I have shown you the dress which I had my heart set on until I tried on the dress which I bought...they could not be more different!

6. Try on as many as you like - You could try on one and know that it is "The dress" or you might try on hundreds and not feel confident - that is absolutely fine! Keep trying on more until you find it, go back and try on your first, you need to feel your most beautiful, your most confident and your happiest.

7. Don't be afraid to make changes to the dress - Whilst in the bridal store you could be trying on a fantastic dress but there is something missing which would make it extra special, a belt, sleeves, shortening or change a zip or button back for a corset tie, most options are achievable, even if not in the store but at a dressmaker.

Keep your sparkle.


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