Alternative Fairytale Princesses

When you hear the term “theme wedding” do you instantly panic that this means fancy dress, tacky props and poorly done? This is a worry that I am looking to dispel, theme does not mean tacky! Theme can describe a couple so overwhelmingly that it falls so naturally around everything about them. My husband and I have a blanket image of “rock music”, “quirky”, “Halloween” and “shiny”, inadvertently as well, however this constructed a theme for our Halloween wedding without seeming like a poundland fright fest. Friends of mine were married in 2018 and an inside joke between them showered them in flamingos at their wedding which fabulously complimented their pink and green colour scheme. Theme does not mean tacky, I promise. Theme means “a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art.” Your wedding absolutely should be your work of art, and I’m here to do that with you.

Our couple would be rock and roll Kings and Queens who would love the white wedding with a little twist and Bodmin Jail, the most haunted tourist attraction in the UK, was the dream venue when picturing this style. Magpie Event Planning pictured Fairytale Princesses and their Prince Charming throwing the rule book out and creating colour schemes to partner with their stories; a princess with a poisoned apple, and a future Queen finding a spinning wheel, leather jackets and big boots, we pictured an un-bridal wedding. 

I want to show couples that theme wedding does not mean tacky, does not mean poorly done and does not mean childish. Theme means "a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art." and along with some incredible suppliers, models and a fantastic photographer I believe we achieved our own work of art to suit an alternative fairytale theme. 

Now there was absolutely no way that I could have created this concept without some absolutely incredible suppliers working alongside me and without their unbelievable talent it would not have worked. Browning Photographic did a breathtaking job of representing the venue and the products and was endlessly patient with my fiddling with rose petals and squeaks of excitement.

The absolute #glamsquad Lily of the Valley Hair Design and Made Up by Helen created my dream princesses including an "inside out rocked up Snow White" and "a glamorous sweetheart Sleeping Beauty" to match our alternative products and hair accessories by The Lucky Sixpence

Claire's Sweet Temptations provided some delicious looking cakes for our alternative princesses on their wedding day, I'm in awe of her talent.

Sammy Leas Retro Emporium provided some modern rock and roll leather jackets to edge up our princess a notch or two and how fantastic does this look with a princess gown!

Weddings by Laremi provided the comfiest and softest wedding shawls in grey and red which were absolutely fantastically received. 

With Love Wedding Stationery provided the menu cards which suited the theme to perfection.

I cannot say enough about how much I love The Greenleaf Artworks custom made heart bouquet, the detailing was eye catching and paired with The Lucky Sixpence' crown suited an edgy bride. 

Endless thanks to Amica Bridal Boutique and Bodmin Jail for the use of gowns and the venue! I was determined to prove a princess dress would suit a leather jacket and that you could absolutely match some Dr Martens with a white wedding dress and feel that the venue definitely loaned itself to that ideal.

Our models, oh, our models! Holly Atterton, Jade Bain and the very lucky Dawid Kwapich were outstanding, and can you believe only one of them has modelling experience?! I won't tell you which, they were all fabulous <3


Absolute dream team! 

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Theme Wedding Devon, Theme Wedding Plymo
Theme Wedding Devon, Wedding Plymouth, W
Theme Wedding Devon, Theme Wedding Plymo