First things first….CONGRATULATIONS! You’re engaged! It was the perfect proposal from your forever after soul mate and your head is spinning when people ask you an extensive amount of questions that you aren’t quite sure the answers to….









Who are your maids of honour/best men?

Is there an engagement party?

Now, I assure you these questions are all being asked in good faith however this can all seem very daunting and overwhelming if you hadn’t already been planning your wedding since you were six years old. I’m sure that after this whirlwind of love from your nearest and dearests you’ve spent hours strolling through pinterest, google, Instagram, bridal magazines and having a stalk through old friend’s from schools’ wedding photos and you’ve dreamt up your eleventy-fifth dream wedding and now it is coming to the crunch. It is time to talk frankly with your fiancé (eek!) about budgets, guests, suppliers, spreadsheets and all that boring stuff…then this is where I come in! I love a spreadsheet and will not find this part boring 😉 Depending on the package that we agree I will always be there to point you in the right directions at the right times to ease some stress and worry during this exciting time.

Firstly, this will not be our first walk down the aisle and therefore will be able to help you avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, we can also negotiate with suppliers in the hope to save you a handful of pennies here and there. Trying to find the perfect supplier who can meet your needs and not stretch your budget to it’s furthest can be daunting as the list of suppliers are endless, we can help with the legwork and save your time in finding the perfect match.

Scheduling! Your life is already full with your day-to-day tasks as it is and a wedding can take 150-200 hours of planning time, we will work with you to find timelines that suit you and the needs of your wedding. We will also work with suppliers to make sure that they will fit into this timeframe also.

Lists! Do you love a list as much as I do? I love them almost as much as I love a spreadsheet and with these together there is a winning combination for wedding planning. We will have templates for most scenarios, lists from questions to ask each supplier to lists of image suggestions to make sure every special moment is caught by your photographers.

Pinterest is not just for losing hours of your life, I promise that we can make your dream pinterest wedding a reality, within your budget. If you haven’t discovered this website yet, please do!

The little details….a wedding is such a large and personal event that you can sometimes look back and think “I wish I had done”…for my wedding, I wish I found the tongs for the sweet table during our set up, this was in 2015 and I still cannot find them, they were in my hand and then they weren’t, who knows! I’m digressing….all of the other details I remembered and have been noted on. For example, personal messages for guests if there was a current change in circumstance, i.e we had 3 newborn babies at our wedding! Our sweet bags were printed with our name introducing our double-barrel, we had a table with photos of our grandparents who had passed as a gesture to their memories, personalised children’s activity packs and individual song requests from our guests to make sure that they had an excuse to get up on the dance floor!

I will be your wedding servant. Plain and simple really, no question is too big or small, no request is too insane to ask, and an e-mail inbox that is 24/7 I might even be able to help you with your late night panic attacks over Auntie Wendy arriving half way through the vows, drunk, dressed in diamonds and burping her way to a seat. I will be there for as much or as little as you want me to be, you can pick and mix our services or have all of them. You name it, we can help you with it.

Hiring a wedding planner will keep your engagement feeling sparkly and exciting up until your wedding day, it will save you from late night googling of the wide variety of suppliers and DIY tutorials for the perfect centre piece. We will offer you suggestions based on your budget and theme and will truly aim to bring every bit of sparkle from your dream wedding, to be a reality.

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