Why am I doing this?

Recently I have begun speaking to various wedding professionals who have offered so much great advice that the only logical step would be to follow this advice, right? This post may at times seem like ramblings but I assure you, I am explaining the why I am pursuing my career in events management, in wedding management, and the reasons why I studied this path a long long time ago.

It is 2005.

Growing up I always loved different ways to express myself, I was a shy child but was strongly taken with studying and performing. I spent years in choirs, performing arts and musical theatre groups, you might have seen me in some local shows, always choosing to stay in the chorus instead of up front, of course ;) As I was due to move to Lincoln and begin my A Level in dance life had other plans for me and decided that following a third knee dislocation that it was time I hung up my dancing shoes and scrolled through university catalogues to find some inspiration. Events Management stood out to me in many of the different catalogues I scrolled (there were many) however deciding upon Southampton Solent University was the very best decision for me and my time there was incredible!


It is 2009.

It is the date of my first event project in which I was the project manager, 6 months of meticulous planning and man management and there was nothing left to lose. My lists were ticked, our tickets had sold out, our bands were sound checked and ready to go *deep breath in*...we received a first for this event and it is possibly my proudest accomplishment from this time. This is what I wanted to do, if I didn't know it before, then I did now.


It is 2011.

After a very busy (personal) fourth and final year at university, the course was completed in 2010, I was available to move home, should I wish, however I had an awesome fun job at TGI Fridays and wasn't ready to give that up yet...events took a back step. Flash forward a year and I was not happy in Southampton anymore, my dreams had been ignored and I missed home, however I am very lucky that my future husband happily upped sticks and moved to Plymouth with me...Supreme Elegance was drafted, I had a plan. Flash forward a year and a necessity for paying my rent and bills landed me in a finance role...events took another step back.


It is 2014.

We're engaged! I fall in love with pinterest, I fall in love with the endless ways of decorating pumpkins, I fall in love with weddings again, this is what I want to do and I must stop getting distracted! Now if we fast forward to 2018, we have 2 beautiful children, we are married and I want to do this now more than ever, because I need this. I need to have an event outlet before my children's birthdays get far more exaggerated and they quickly become little brats...


I've been a bit misguided with how to portray myself as a wedding professional and I decided that if I could not describe myself, then who better to describe me than my nearest and dearest...here are the words which make my friends and family think "Daniella".



After this task I couldn't decide whether I was a childish rock loving version of Johnny Depp without realising, or whether I portrayed a different version of myself without realising...I'm going with the Johnny Depp angle! There's no denying I love Disney, unicorns, sparkly things, fancy dress and Halloween, I literally live for these things and have passed it onto my children through my genes and not mind washing I promise! 


I know that I can take your ideas and pinterest boards and random thoughts about your wedding and turn it into the perfect day for you, the day of your dreams. 

Now, to brand myself...let's go!





Fancy Dress



Enter Shikari


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