Is it an outdated notion that tattoos should be hidden for your wedding day or do you plan to cover yours for the sake of your photos? I'm genuinely very curious.

Recently I've seen a few brides who feel as though they need to cover their tattoos for their weddings to make sure they're not causing offence to their guest, alternatively I've also seen brides and grooms embracing their tattoos by being inked during their ceremony and having temporary tattoo bars at their reception! Who'd have thought there'd still be a stigma around tattoos in 2019.

I'll put my tattooed arm up to say that I did actually cover my only visible tattoo at the time, although whether this was due to the ink or temperature, I'm unsure now. If I were to do it all over again, I'd have mine out, 100% especially Gladys my freshly drawn unicorn. 

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I asked some newlyweds and future weds how they feel about having their ink on show and it would seem that inked up did win the feedback. Along with everything to do with your wedding it would appear that if your ink is part of who you are, it should not need to be hidden on such an important day in your life.

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"I always consider them to be more personal than public"
"No we would never have thought of covering our tats it's part of who we are.
Covering them would be more of a regret it would be like trying to be someone you aren't on the most important day of your lives.
It's all about the ink!"
"We have a tattoo budget in the wedding budget, so we can have MORE for the wedding! We will wear them proudly"
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To finish I'll leave you with my Mum's pearls of wisdom "that you'll regret them when you get your photos back", however without a doubt Mr Magpie's tattoos looked amazing in his tails, wouldn't have changed it.

So it goes to show, that along with all other aspects of your wedding planning if it's what YOU would like, then it's YOUR day whether that means hiding your ink or getting inked in front of your guests.

Theme Wedding Devon, Wedding Plymouth, W
Theme Wedding Devon, Wedding Plymouth, W

Thank you to the incredible Magpie Eye Photography for the use of her photoshoot, how fantastic do these photos look? Check her out!

Supplier list: Kirsty and Harvey (models) Chotronette (dress) Sam Ryde Jewellery (jewellery) Blue Moon Classics (car) Fabulous flowers by Jo Taylor (flowers) Creations by Miss Molly (Boots)

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Theme Wedding Devon, Wedding Plymouth, W
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