Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a wedding planner if my venue has a coordinator?

  • Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?

  • Where do you plan weddings?

  • I want to host a pre/post wedding event, can you assist?

  • Will you be at my wedding?

  • Is there a minimum budget you work with?

  • How much do you charge?

  • Payment terms – how do these work?


1) Why do I need a wedding planner if my venue has a coordinator?

When you are looking for a wedding venue you will find that most good venues will also have an event co-ordinator, which is fantastic for all of the insider and experienced knowledge of that particiular vendor and are invaluable to us wedding planners. However, any queries or questions regarding suppliers, managing bookings and being your main point of contact, this would not fall under their role but it would mine. Along with ensuring all of the suppliers come together well on the day and managing the carefully planned schedule wedding planners would be your point of call. 

You and I will be working as a team with planning your wedding from beginning to the end, we will do this with the same goal in mind, the same theme and this is not something an in house co ordinator would be involved with doing. If you will need further help than managing the venue you will need a wedding planner.

2) Do you only work with certain venues and suppliers?

No, not at all. The suppliers listed on this website are a preferred list and suppliers who I have built up relationships with through other weddings I have managed. If there is a supplier you are desperate to work with I will absolutely meet with them and we will work with them to ensure they will work with the venue and other suppliers also. 

The benefit of using my preferred supplier list is that I have worked with them, I know they are reliable and I know how they will work with the venue. If I knew of any reason that a supplier should not be used and you have requested to use them, I will discuss this with you. 

3) Where do you plan weddings?

I am based in Plymouth and am willing to work throughout Devon for your wedding. If you are looking to be married further afield please get in touch and we could look at discussing this. 


4) I want to host a pre/post wedding event, can you assist?

Absolutely! Let me know what you would like to host and we will definitely discuss any further details, however please note my time for this planning would be added to your initial wedding planning service.

5) Will you be at my wedding?

Try and stop me! After months of planning, perhaps even longer I will absolutely be there to support your day, manage your suppliers and ensure that the schedule we have put into place is kept to. 


Depending on the size of your wedding either myself and/or a fellow magpie will be there until the last supplier has provided you with their services. Once this has been managed I will quietly slip away and leave you to dance the night away and enjoy the beginning of your married life. 


6) Is there a minimum budget that you work with?

No. I will be there for you to make sure that your wedding is kept within your budget and offer you any savings where possible. We will keep you up to date with whether your budget is effective for the wedding day that you are hoping for and will try and find ways to make sure it can. 

7) How much do you charge?

I understand that you would like to know your wedding planner's exact fee to manage your budget however unfortunately due to the variance in size of weddings I would not be able to state a concrete price. After our initial consultation to discuss your wedding I will provide you with a quote detailing what would be included from my services.

8) Payment terms; how do these work?

Due to the nature of my services payment is made in stages throughout the planning process. Once we have agreed a contract for your wedding planning you would be required to make a 30% deposit payment and the balance to be paid in full 6 weeks prior to your wedding, payment plans can be agreed and do not hesitate to speak to me about this. Should our time exceed the service package agreement my hourly rate would be an additional £12.50 per hour however this very rarely will happen. You will be issued a copy of terms and conditions for your wedding which will discuss payments in further details.

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