In 2014, big, fat, and struggling with SPD while I was pregnant with Lilly Gray, Sam proposed and our journey to become "Winchester-Leigh" began. I remember we hadn't overly talked about what we'd like to have other than a hog roast then one morning when I was waddling down the woods with our dog he suggested a Halloween wedding. Well, how my waters didn't explode everywhere in excitement I will never know! Halloween is my absolute favourite day of the year and as a teenager I always said this would be the date I got married, but over time I'd forgotten all about idealistic teenage Daniella! With this, I got excited, very excited, a halloween themed wedding, a gothic themed wedding, I could wear a Sally Finklestein dress and he could wear a Jack Skellington suit, my mind went into overdrive.

Sam needed to calm me down many many times and remind me that this was OUR wedding day and he did not love Halloween anywhere near the extent that I did. We sat and discussed which colours we would like, I pictured a black and white theme and he had picture purple and silver, and with this our colour scheme was chosen.

Sam, Mr Magpie, is a very musical man, he plays guitar, he loves rock and metal, gigs and festivals, he knows the words to literally every song we ever play in the car, even if it's the second time I've ever heard the song, he will know it, I swear. We thought that together our biggest passions could become our themes, our colours rung true with Halloween, rock and metal music gave it an edge that suits us to a tee. Three years later we still receive compliments that our theme and wedding matched our personalities but trust me, these details did not fall in our laps.

Instead of explaining the 18 months of planning we went through (because no-one wants to hear about me bickering with my mum that no, we did not need the birdie song or cha cha slide at OUR wedding), I will give you a breeze through our tokens to show our theme through our wedding day.

We've been to several festivals and gigs together and due to this we named our 10 tables after 10 of our favourite bands we have seen together. It is likely after you have gotten to know me that I mention Enter Shikari a fair amount, they are our band, we see them every year as a tradition and even have the logo tattooed on my side. As we had seen them the most our top table was very easily named! We also created several playlists to play at certain times throughout the day, potentially one of the more complicated part of our wedding planning. One playlist included 3/4 songs from each of the bands our tables we named after, not including System of a Down, we didn't feel they were wedding appropriate with children and grandparents present. We also entwined their album covers with flowers for our centre pieces, We used 12" vinyls handwritten with guests names for place mats and favours, placing specific artists with each guest to thank them for coming.

We also were not keen on having a wedding guest book having never written in one ourselves, and so we decided to use Sam's acoustic guitar for our guests to sign, it made a beautiful decoration and is on display in our house.

Now, our Halloween touches. I might have been very persistent that a Halloween themed wedding would not be complete without pumpkins, alas orange was not in our colour scheme and the ONLY way around this was to paint some, maybe 20? Not many really! We used these for our signage throughout our venue navigating our guests to strike a pose at our Halloween photobooth, to Trick or Treat at our sweet table, and thank our guests at our card box. Sam is also incredibly talented and as a compromise of our not dressing up as the Pumpkin King and the love of his life Sally, he painted them on pumpkins for me and I loved them! If only we had the foresight to buy plastic pumpkins I'd have kept them forever. 

My cousin fantastically decorated champagne flutes with these characters and GLITTER (it's like she knows me or something) and they're also proudly on display in my house. 

This blog describing my wedding would not be complete without mentioning the cake. A Mr Bakers Cake. Standing at 5 tiers tall, 3 flavours and a handmade custom designed wedding topper, it blew my mind. I genuinely didn't see it before our wedding or even the design and a friend captured my reaction on video and I'm like a child with my first lollipop. If he were to sell cakes to the public then I would recommend him to any themed wedding I planned! 


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