How to plan a theme wedding

So you're looking to plan a theme wedding - it is going to be amazing! Here I'll talk you through the 4 main areas of your wedding planning to get you started. 

Choose your theme

Obvious I know, but sit down together and choose a theme that relates to the two of you, something that instantly makes people think of you, whether as a couple or individually. Themes can be intertwined however I advise against a Pagan inspired Little Mermaid theme! Try and think of something that makes a cohesive vision of both of you. 

If it seems really strange then perhaps makes a challenge for each other - top 5 things that come to mind when you think of your partner and see where you land. 

Introduce your theme

Once you have decided your theme and colour scheme it's time to imagine your wedding stationery - not just invitations but these will be carried through to your placecards, table plans and on the day signage as well. 

Be very clear when speaking with your wedding stationer what your theme is and the colours that you are incorporating in your wedding. They are absolutely incredible at understanding what you're asking for and will work with you to create your perfect wedding invitations. 

This wedding stationery set was for a Game of Thrones inspired wedding which included Stark and Targaryan house badges and colours. 

Choose your venue

I'm sure it goes without saying that your venue has to make logical sense to suit your theme, for example a beach theme in a castle may seem a little odd, but make perfect sense on a cliff overlooking the sea. Find details of your theme that can link with venue types and see what is available to suit your budget and head count. 

Music & Food

A great way to keep your theme throughout your day is to make sure that your catering and music choices are included in this. A ceilidh would be perfect at a barn wedding for example however not as suited to a cave wedding.


Have fun!

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Theme Wedding Devon, Theme Wedding Plymo
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Theme Wedding Devon, Theme Wedding Plymo