5 reasons to have a theme wedding

When you hear “theme wedding” what do you imagine, tacky? Poorly done? Children’s birthday parties? Smash that image completely out of your mind, we’re in 2021 and theme weddings are a key way to enjoy your wedding planning and make it truly stand out in everyone’s memories! This image is an art deco themed wedding and it's so beautiful.

A theme can be as simple as a colour based theme and including various shades of that colour palette all the way through to a full on Star Wars movie and being married by Chewbacca, there is such a variety of ways to integrate a theme into your wedding. So why should you choose to have a theme wedding? Here is why!

1. It creates a baseline to begin picturing your wedding – what you don’t want to have at your wedding, what type of wedding breakfast would suit your theme, the entertainment and even including your bridalwear.

2. It helps you to have a search term when you head onto Pinterest – see here for tips on how to start designing your wedding.

3. It guides some of your decision making. You could be speaking with your wedding stylist and obviously they all have gorgeous wedding décor however by having a wedding theme it keeps your focus on decorations and styles which will tie in with your theme.

4. It can show the story of YOU! You need to choose your wedding theme with your partner and it can be an event that’s important to you or a movie, or a band and this will resonate with your family that your wedding is truly YOUR day. Plus it gives you free reign to be so unapologetically you!

5. Your wedding theme will tie all of your details together and stop things from appearing random on the day. For example if you have all of your tables named after bands who you have seen as a couple and then you name your photobooth “centre stage” it ties together a music theme.

My first themed wedding was actually my own – we were married on Halloween in Devon so we included Halloween details throughout and because we both love live music and was such an important part of our wedding that we included lots of musical details too. We had a Nightmare Before Christmas cake, Jack and Sally wedding flutes, hand painted pumpkins as our signage and a spookily decorated sweet table. To incorporate our musical side we used vinyls as placemats, named our tables after bands we have seen live, had a live band playing our favourite songs and had lots of inflatable musical instruments in our photobooth.

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