Budget, budget, budget!

When you start planning your wedding it's really important that you sit down as a couple to decide how much you are both willing and able to spend on your wedding - it is so important and can drive so many of your decisions, for example guest count. If there are members of your family who are willing to contribute to your wedding then you can include this amounts into your total budget.

Next, you will need your wedding checklist to make sure that you know what costs are involved with paying for a wedding, and after some research or discussions with a wedding planner you can input estimate prices for each supplier that you will be able to figure out the price range you will be looking at for each of your wedding suppliers.

With the average cost of a wedding throughout the UK being over £30,000 according to the National Wedding Survey in 2019, and over half of all couples being married in 2019 needing help from their families to pay for their day. Venue hire and catering are the two biggest on the day costs with your stress-free honeymoon also being in your top 3 costs.

Download your wedding planning checklist and budget planner here.

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