Children at weddings - yes or no?

Weddings have very different memories for a lot of people – did you attend a lot of weddings as a child with lots of other children around and they were lots of fun? Or were they pretty boring for you and you don’t want that for children on your day, and for their parents to let their hair down? There is nothing wrong with either option! This blog talks about the benefits of having children at your wedding, hope you like them!

Do you love being around children, join in with all of their activities and you just know that they will be so happy for you on your wedding day? If you know children who are really special to you such as your own family’s children, or especially close friend’s children it will feel natural to invite them to play special roles in your wedding, just as it is often natural to know who you’d like to ask to be in your bridal party.

There are lots of ways to involve children in your wedding – not necessarily as flower girls, ring bearers or page boys, age dependent of course – please don’t ask a 3 year old to light any candles 😉

You could ask teenagers or young adults to do a reading at your wedding as they are in between typical flower girl ages and adult bridesmaid. This makes them feel involved and you get to enjoy seeing how much you both mean to them by them doing this. You could also ask children to carry your train down the aisle – how cute would this look?!

When it comes to how many children can attend your wedding you can choose who is and is not allowed to attend when it comes to your invites – see this blog on wedding etiquette and how to word invites. You also don’t need to have equal numbers of boys or girls involved in your wedding, just choose what works best for you and ask them and their parents!

Another reason to invite children to be a part of your wedding is it will be unforgettable for them! Do you remember being in a wedding party as a child? My girls have both been flower girls twice and they are always talking about the days that they were princesses and refused to take their dresses off for dayyyyyys. You could be the person who instills that early memory for them which will never be forgotten, how amazing would that be?

Check out these incredible Devon and Cornwall wedding suppliers who help to provide entertainment and childcare for weddings with children:

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Besides, kids pull some hilarious faces, weddings are not exceptions to the rule and who wants to miss out on that?!

Festival images from Freeformimages Photography

Halloween images from Jamie Webb Photography

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