Let's start designing your wedding

When you are newly engaged and picture your wedding there will be a certain image that comes to mind – is it the same as your partners? There is a great tool to find out whether it is – Pinterest! Oh my goodness, get lost in hours of wedding planning on Pinterest and literally highlight your Pinterest perfect wedding, it’s great fun.

Let’s make sure all of the basics are getting prepared now , it is unlikely you’d plan a winter wonderland wedding in June, so consider your date and chosen season at the beginning so that you can plan productively.

Individually answer these questions and then show each other before you get can get absorbed into Pinterest!

  • What’s your budget?

  • What’s your timeframe?

  • What season would you like it to be?

  • Where do you want to get married? In the countryside, in the city? A destination wedding?

  • How many guests do you imagine being there?

  • What kind of venue would you like?

All of these things affect the theme that’s likely to work best for your wedding, if your theme is more important to you than the date then absolutely you can choose the theme and come back to your date and season. I LOVE Halloween so we chose our theme beforehand, but it also dictated our date so saved us a conversation!

The Fun Bit

Think of all of the different parts of a wedding that is important to you, there are so many wedding suppliers throughout Devon catering to a lot of different engaged couples and they all have something different to bring you.

  • Wedding florist – real flowers, dried statement flowers, artificial wedding flowers to keep, bespoke jewelled wedding bouquets?

  • Wedding caterers – vegan, gluten free, carvery, sit down wedding breakfast, catering vans, buffet – so many options!

  • Wedding cake – cupcakes, naked cakes, cheese wedding cakes! There are some incredible wedding cake suppliers in Devon who are truly not to be missed.

  • Bridal wear, groomswear, bridal party clothes – jumpsuit, best lady outfit, sir of honour, bespoke, off the rack, I could go on for ages.

Research all of these on Pinterest, I am so sure that the answer will be there, so get pinning! The next step will be how to design it more specifically but for now – go crazy, go elaborate and choose your perfect wedding designs.


So, now that you have a feel for the style of wedding you would both like so have a think at which colour palette you would like to use to suit the style and theme that you're beginning to plan. When Mr Magpie and I began planning our wedding I asked him which colours he'd like which was purple and white, then I said I'd like black and white and it brought together black, white and purple which set the basis for our wedding.

Grab you hex codes as these will be really useful for all of your wedding suppliers to design the set up, cakes and invitation suite, and so much more to keep it in line with the colour palette that you are looking for. It will also help you to begin visualising the end result long before your wedding day.

If you find these tips helpful let me know below in the comments, or share on to your socials for other wedding planning couples to use as well - this is the start of all of the exciting bits!

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