Wedding Etiquette - whaaatt?!

I might be pretty vocal about wedding traditions not being an essential part of your wedding, but I don't endorse bad manners :P Some etiquette can feel totally undated and too stuffy so we're going to have a little look at some in this blog.

Do I need to ask anyone's permission to propose?

Uhm, well no, people are not property so in the old fashioned sense of asking permission of the father for his daughter's hand, no you don't - BUT some families appreciate the sentiment! Before Mr Magpie proposed to me my Dad actually said to him "when are you going to marry her then?" so at least he knew he was approved of.

Engagement announcements - when can I post on social media?

Like literally whenever you want, there is no set time on this however, please be prepared for familial backlash if there are close and important members of your family that haven't been told before the gram! It would definitely be your safer option to speak to all sets of parents, grandparents, siblings and besties and then get your insta-worthy proposal announcement ready.

Guest list etiquette - who do I invite and how?!

Do we have to give single dates a plus one?

This tradition is pretty dated and as weddings can be pretty pricey then unless there is room in your budget, then no, do not feel obliged to invite a stranger to your wedding.

Kids - we don't want them at our wedding, how do we still invite their parents?

There are 2 camps of people when it comes to weddings and children - those that think that children and family make a wedding, and the others that feel weddings should be an adult only affair - both are right for their own reasons.

If you are not looking to invite children to your wedding, or if you are only including immediate family members children, do not list their names on the invite. If it is members of your bridal party who you are requesting not to bring their children then maybe have the phone call, or a chat about it beforehand so they know what's expected by being in the bridal party.

Do I have to invite people to the wedding if they attend the hen or stag?

Generally, yes it would be expected that if someone is invited to the hen or stag, that they're invited to the wedding.

Do I have to invite my parent's friends?

If there is room in your budget and you're happy to invite 1 or 2 of their closest friends then it would be nice, however if your budget doesn't allow it then explain this to your parents in advance so no sneaky invites to Janet next door get issued!

Dress code for your wedding

If you are expecting a certain attire for your wedding make sure that you state this on your invitation - how else will your guests know? Generally if nothing is mention your guests will assume that is is formal dress however if you'd like everyone to wear a certain colour, or black tie - highlight it. A simple way to let your guests know what colours your briday party will be wearing so they don't wear the same is using your wedding invites in those colours.

Is it ok to wear black or white to a wedding?

Traditionally not, although some brides will overlook it. Any shade of white or ivory worn as a wedding guest can be assumed as you trying to upstage the bride which is a big no-no, and wearing black would suggest that you disapprove of the wedding, so if you aren't sure how the bride or groom would react - don't wear black or white!

If you have any other wedding etiquette questions feel free to drop me a comment!

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