So you want people at your wedding…best invite them then!

My name is Paula and I own PMGD Cutz Stationery based in Plymouth. Some people think I am a little crazy and actually they aren’t wrong, I think it helps to be a little crazy in this world we live in today.

I am going to give you some of my pointers regarding that dreaded task of ordering your stationery and I hope it helps!


So many couples come to me in a state of distress, there really isn’t a need to stress over stationery; that is what I am here for.. to help ease the burden. Weddings can be stressful enough without worrying about stationery!


I have learnt that there are normally two types of couple. The ones who know exactly what they want, they’ve researched it and can tell you everything they want from the font and wording down to the colour and type of invite. There are also the ones that know nothing and by that I don’t mean they are stupid (far from it), it isn’t something that they have thought a great deal about and/or want to leave it to someone else to design. Both are GREAT and I love the variety!

There are so many different options, styles, designs, ideas etc in the world of invitations. Many stationers like to do standard invites. I love doing those and by that I mean a pocket invitation that you can put info in or a flat invite where you don’t have too much info to hand out to your guests. I also love doing those that are a little “out there”. I once did some save the date magnets in the style of a bottle for a couple that wanted a champagne wedding in the new year!

Your stationer will have a brain full of ideas for you hopefully but if not, the best thing in the world (I think anyway) is to have a look around on the internet (Google and Pinterest spring to mind but there are many other search engines and reference sites available too) to look at designs. Obviously you will need to bear in mind that a lot of things are held under Copyright like characters or TV shows etc but sometimes you can get a reference just by colour or other artwork that the designer may own and no decent stationer will copy a design exactly, each one’s work is their own.. remember that.


Now this is a VERY controversial subject. There have been actual fights over wording. Which names come first, do I use “Together with their families”, First names only or last names… phew, I am exhausted! There are many guides out there regarding traditional wording so check these out and if you want to leave it up to your stationer then do! I generally will word an invite and then let the couple make changes if they want to. “Together with their families” is very commonly used but doesn’t have to be. Lots of couples nowadays use “We do”, “At last”, “Join us” and many more!

I used to group this in with Design but I feel it needs a whole category all to itself seeing as people think about it A LOT!

When and how many

Now this is another thing that many people stress about but for me is easy. The most important thing I think is to remember that you don’t need to order an invite for every man and his dog, cat and guinea pig!


I tell my couples to send invites out 3-6 months before but of course, everyone will have an opinion on that. Your stationer will advise you based on their experience and/or knowledge including when to have guests respond by..

Money Saving Tips

Save the Dates

Entirely up to you!! If you are planning a wedding when you know people are likely to be going on holiday (we certainly miss those right now) then it may be worth sending them one. If you think they have a busy job and will need the time off booking in advance then send them one. If you don’t and people already know when you are planning the wedding then save money and don’t send them one.

Posh for some – Plain for others

I had a couple that wanted a beautiful invite with ribbon and gems that did work out quite pricey each and said that they really couldn’t afford the cost of the 50 that they needed. So I suggested that the main wedding party (parents, grandparents, siblings etc) got an all singing and all dancing invite but the other guests (who are just as important obviously) go a slightly less glam invite and it worked out great! They could even afford to get their placename cards and table numbers to match.

Facebook Events

This is a great tool for keeping in touch with guests for your evening reception! Again, you can give evening invitations to guests attending your evening do but remember that this will incur a cost. Facebook is free and you can see when people are attending so can keep track of numbers, reply to people and ask any questions you need to e.g. a song for the DJ playlist… use it!

The main thing to remember, is not to stress out about your stationery or actually any part of your wedding. Ask questions! If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Any supplier that you get in touch with should be kind, helpful, informative and understanding. If they aren’t … Bin em!


Owner - PMGD Cutz Stationery

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